Roton Lifts Europe will always advise you to make sure that your installation will proceed as smooth as possible. In our industry unfortunately it happens too often that one did not think about the transportation on the site. There are many cases known that a truck with a lift on it could not unload the lift. Also the case that the lift was unloaded but was not transported to the working area and there was no forklift available. So client now has to sort it out…

That is why it is important to discuss these matters with the client, right from the start and also when Roton Lifts comes around to do a build check (before installation). When client does have the means what is needed for transport than “the problem is solved” right away.

When a client has no means available we can provide solutions for these matters.  We will offer you the right solution, so client can decide to work with our solution or not. In most cases the solution we offer is cheaper than the solution client has to arrange him/herself.

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