Roton Lifts Europe is your specialist in lift technology

Our company is the right address to turn to when it is about standard or custom made lifts, we are involved from the enquiry up to finishing your installation. From your purchase and straight delivery, even for standard solutions. We have the right knowledge and expertise to advise you all the way. Our team consists of people who are working in the lifting business for many years and have a lot of passion and knowledge about construction and technology. So we can serve you no matter what your question is about your lift.
One of our most unique selling points is that we work with the most important manufacturers in Europe, so we can deliver very fast when the delivery time of your lift is a big issue. The quality of your lift is never a discussion, even when we have to put pressure on the manufacturer to deliver on shorter notice. We have enough alternatives to get your lift installed according to your planning.

Our productlist concerns: goodslifts, scissortables, wheelchairlifts and platformlifts, we follow the rules and regulations according to Machine Directive 2006/42/EC. This is an European standard for these types of lifts, together with the delivery of your lift a CE-certificate will also be provided.
A lift check is therefore not required, this saves time and money.


On top of this we also take a look at national rules and regulations, such as: NEN, Bouwbesluit, Handboek voor Toegankelijkheid, and ARBO (the Netherlands)
In Belgium we follow: NEN, NBN and the ARAB (Algemeen Reglement voor de Arbeidsbescherming). On top of this we work with the instructions given by the main contractor and architect. We have a lot of expertise regarding the methods and rules in Belgium and the Netherlands. In other countries we have people available who can guide us with these matters.
In this way we make sure that safety, efficiency and working in an ergonomic way is guaranteed.
We have the knowledge in and around our company, we think it is a challenge to make your project a huge success!

Roton Lifts Europe also takes care of maintenance and possible malfunctions of your lift. Together with scissorlifts, wheelchairlifts, goodslifts and platformlifts we can advise you also about:

  • Tyrelifts
  • Mobile scissortables (with or without batterypack)
  • Tilters
  • Stackers

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