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For a platformlift, sometimes called a plateau lift, (or a screw driven lift) it is possible to deliver very fast by us, not only for a standard version but also for custom versions. There are many types of platformlifts available and prices are depending on design, travel (lifting height), type/situation (indoors/outdoors), position of the doors and the load (lifting capacity):

  • 300 kg
  • 400 kg
  • 500 kg
  • 1000 kg

What is a platformlift?

A platformlift can be used for the vertical transportation of persons (also a person in a wheelchair), for goods or even a combination of goods and persons. Do think about a hand pallet truck and pallet (with an attendant) or a rolling container together with an attendant. When a platformlift is also used to transport goods the lift will have to become some adjustments to prevent damage to the panels of the lift. Technically, a platformlift is a lift with a self-supporting shaft constructed out of a mast (inside the structure) and sandwich panels or glass panels (safety glass). These panels are smooth on the inside, so there is no danger of crushing, also there are safety bars installed (on top of the control panel and around the edges of the platform), to take away any extra risk possible. In this way a cabin is not required (when desired a cabin is available as an option).

Around the edge of the platform a safety bar is installed to prevent the risk of crushing feet between the platform and the shaft. On top of the control panel there also is a safety bar to prevent crushing fingers between the panel and the shaft. Whenever one of these bars is touched the lift will stop immediately. After removal of the obstacle (a hand or foot), the safety bar returns to the start position and after a certain period (around 8-10 seconds) the lift is ready for travel again.

Controlling the lift from the inside works with “hold to run steering”, this is required according to Machine directive 200/42/EC. This means the user has to keep on pressing the button to make travel possible from one stop to another. On the outside of the lift only “once pressing the button” is standard and allowed. This means that the lift will arrive once the button is pressed.

A platformlift is always provided with professional lift doors, in these doors standard there is a window with Panorama glass. Because of a huge glass surface the user in the lift will not experience the feeling of being locked inside. The doors are locked when the lift is not in the right position (for example during travel), once the lift has arrived at the right stop, the lock will open to allow opening the door. Special contacts in the doors make sure that the lift will travel only when the door is closed. Manual operating doors are standard (automatic doors is an option), each door has a parking position at 90 degrees (standard).

A platformlift is usually screw driven (there are also hydraulic versions), therefore sometimes platformlifts are also called screw driven lifts. The speed of a platform lift is max. 0,15 meters / second.

Platformlifts are standard equipped with:

  • An overload indicator (with sound/buzz)
  • A manual lowering device (in case of power failure)
  • On control panel large size buttons with Braille
  • Lift doors provided with Panorama glass
  • Control panel in the lift with handrail (a folding seat is an option)
  • LED lighting on control panel
  • Soft start/stop (there are exceptions, depending on which manufacturer)


Your platformlift custom made

When a new building is going to be constructed or a renovation of an existing building takes place everyone involved in the project will work with drawings. We will do the same of course, and we will advise you the very best we can regarding sizes, the loads to be carried, use of the platformlift and safety. For fixed spaces in a building we will fit in the right platformlift, it does not happen often that we have to say no to our customers. The other way around is also possible, the use of the platformlift and the loads to carry will determine what space is needed. In the end the space needed to install the platformlift properly is the space to keep clear to make installation possible. Regarding safety our suppliers (manufacturers) and Roton Lifts Europe will follow the rules and regulations Machinedirective 2006/42/EC.  Every platformlift will be delivered with a CE-certificate.

On top of this we also follow local rules in any country and we will make sure that we follow all instructions given by the architect or contractor who is involved in your project. Safety is very important, so we take a serious look about the danger of possible falling, squeezing/crushing or injurie.


A platformlift in a public area

European rules (in the Netherlands:  Bouwbesluit 2017) do require that a platform lift must be installed in a hall or a corridor and should not be placed within a public place like a classroom. The door height should be at least 2200 mm (this a rule stated by the Fire Department, reason for this is the full gear of a fireman with fire helmet). In residential and public buildings there should be at least one lift for the transport of a stretcher. All of the above is possible with a platform lift.

When it comes to design and options there are a lot of possibilities for platformlifts, for example:

  • A ceiling with LED lighting
  • Different door heights (standard is 2000 mm)
  • A lot of different colors and design
  • Automatic dooropeners
  • A lot of different platform sizes and lifting capacities (loads)
  • A telephone or an intercom in the lift
  • For disabled persons a remote control to control the lift from the outside (in combination with automatic door openers)
  • Soft start/stop system / frequency controlled, often this is standard
  • An automatic emergency lowering system in case of fire
  • A roof on top of the lift with drainage and a canopy above the lift doors for outside installation
  • Fire rated doors
  • A lowering system together with a battery pack in case of power failure

All options mentioned above make sure that there is a solution for almost any situation, custom made is not only about the lift itself but also the right advice!


When a platformlift is used

A platformlift or a screw driven lift is often used in an apartment complex, in a school, office buildings, in a residential complex (also private homes), in shops or malls and public buildings. Because a platformlift has a limited speed they are not very suitable for high flats. The lifting height (travel) is maximized to 13 meters with a maximum of 5 stops (depending on which manufacturer and type there are sometimes 6 stops possible).

A platformlift is perfect for the vertical transport of persons and/or disabled persons, goods, or a combination of goods and persons. There are several configurations for the doors possible, such as:

  • Opposite doors
  • Doors in 90 degrees configuration
  • Doors on one side

For the 4-sided platformlift it is possible to install doors on 3 sides, this is because one side of the lift is used for the screw drive system. The complete drive system is always built in behind sandwich panels, so from the inside of the lift you will only see a nice wall.

On each stop a door could be placed on another position. This is also called the configuration. Roton Lifts Europe has specialists available to make the right configuration possible, we also take care of the drawings (also in DWG).



The advantages of a platformlift

The most important advantage of a platform lift compared with traditional elevators is the fact that a lift check is not required for a platformlift, this saves time and money. Because of the limited speed (0,15 m/sec) and the “hold to run steering” (regarding the inside controls), a platformlift is considered a machine and not a lift (an elevator). For this reason a platformlift is classified under Machine directive 2006/42/EC. A lift check is not required and a CE-certificate will be provided.

Of course, for the user a platformlift is an actual lift, although it takes 6 seconds to travel 1 meter. But, on top of lower purchase costs, also the costs of maintenance and failures or much lower.

Notified Body in the Netherlands: Het Liftbesluit, het Liftinstituut en de liftenkeuring (not for lifts provided by Roton Lifts Europe)
Whenever a lift exceeds the speed above 0,15 meters per second and steering of the lift makes it possible to control the lift by pressing the button once (from the inside/the platform) it is not a device according to Machine directive 2006/42/EC anymore. At that moment it is an elevator and a lift check is always required, in most cases every 18 months. In the Netherlands for example “Het Liftinstituut” can advise you about this matter. When the elevator is checked and approved a round sticker is placed in the lift. You will find this sticker often in elevators which are used in flats or high office buildings and it is placed in the cabin. These kinds of elevators do have speeds with a minimum of
1 or 1,6 meters / second, they are also provided with telescopic doors. Compared with platformlifts the costs for elevators are much higher, on top of this you will have to do the lift check every 18 months and maintenance costs are a lot more.

Roton Lifts Europe does have a huge network in Europe, we have the possibility to adjust fast when it comes down to:

  • Delivery times (also fast installation possible)
  • Very good quality/price ratio
  • Flexibility in sizes, design and colors
  • The latest technology for protection of your lift in case of an outside installation
  • Save money on construction due to easy installation
  • A lift check is not required because our platformlifts will be delivered with a CE-certificate
  • When desired a voluntary lift check is possible carried out by a Notified Body (for example TUV, Liftinstituut)
  • Absolute safety and easy to use
  • We do have all the knowledge and the experience
  • Roton Lifts Europe takes care of the drawings you need (also DWG)
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer

All advantages mentioned above make sure that there is a solution for almost any situation, custom made is not only about the lift itself but also the right advice!


Are you looking for a platform lift?

When it is about knowledge and experience Roton Lifts Europe is the right address to turn to. We will make sure to give you the right attention and advice. In many cases the quality and safety of your lift is the first priority. Because we cooperate with the most important manufacturers in Europe we can offer you different possibilities with different prices to compare.

An unique selling point is that we can deliver fast, this is because we cooperate with manufacturers who do have enough manpower in the factory to assembly your lift.  Of course we provide all drawings you need (also DWG), together with complete installation. When desired we take care of the maintenance and possible malfunction of your lift.

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