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Roton Lifts Europe offers a large selection of stairlifts. There are many different types of stairlifts available. Which type we offer depends on design, type of stairs, the travel (lifting height) and if it concerns an indoor or an outdoor installation. Of course the measurements needed are very important, therefore one of our mechanics can visit the client and take measurements so we can provide the right drawing. Regarding a drawing for a new building or situation provided by the architect or constructor this also will give the right information to make the drawing of the stairlift.

Even when it is an existing building or situation and the drawing is provided by the customer or architect the procedure will be the same. Before installation we always do a check on site to make sure the situation matches the drawing perfectly. When it is about overcoming vertical heights and there is a stairway around, the lift to be used is called a stairlift or a platformlift for stairs. The two main types within these group of lifts are the stairlift with a straight rail and a stairlift with the possibility to make bends (there is no rail, but curved handrails with a cable inside). The stairlift with curved handrails makes it possible to install a lift for almost any stairway, think about a parking position for the platform which turns away from the stairs, or bends with a different radius or a stairway with a plateau in between the stairs. The lift will follow the stairway on to the final step, so the complete trajectory is followed. Below you will find an example picture of a stairlift mentioned above.

Stairlift Boston

Stairlift Boston

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