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A scissor table, also known as a lift table can be delivered very fast by us when it is about either a custom or a standard lift (for standard scissor lifts see the specifications).
When a new building is going to be constructed or a renovation of an existing building takes place everyone involved in the project will work with drawings. We will do the same of course, and we will advise you the very best we can regarding sizes, the loads to be carried, use of the scissor lift and safety. For fixed spaces in a building we will fit in the right scissor lift, it does not happen often that we have to say no to our customers. The other way around is also possible, the use of the scissor lift and the loads to carry will determine what space is needed. In the end the space needed to install the scissor lift properly is the space for the shaft or the area to keep clear to make installation possible. Regarding safety our suppliers (manufacturers) and Roton Lifts Europe will follow the rules and regulations Machinedirective 2006/42/EC. Every scissor lift will be delivered with a CE-certificate. Therefore, a liftcheck is not required. On top of this we also follow local rules in any country and we will make sure that we follow all instructions given by the architect or contractor who is involved in your project. Safety is very important, so we take a serious look about the danger of possible falling, squeezing or injurie.


How does a scissor table work?

A scissor table (lift table) is a machine to lift goods vertically in a safe way. Persons are not allowed on the lift, only for loading and unloading. There are many types of scissor tables: low built tables, U-shaped tables, tables used in a workshop, tables with 1, 2 or 3 scissors on top of each other or scissors next to each other (twin scissor tables). Also there are tables used as a car lift or scissor tables placed in a shaft. Heavy duty tables are often used to load and unload trucks. The possibilities we have are endless…

On top of the scissor tables mentioned above Roton Lifts Europe can deliver mobile scissor tables (with or without battery pack), tilting machines and stackers.

Possible installations for a scissor table:

  • On the floor with or without a pit
  • In a shaft with handrails and gates on the platform and lift doors in the shaft wall
  • Standalone scissor table, for example to work in an ergonomic way
  • Instead of a shaft mesh walls or special steel bars around the lift
  • Instead of a shaft a lifting table in a fully closed cage
  • Mobile lifting tables (with or without battery pack)

Any scissor table can be delivered as a custom or standard (see the specifications for standard sizes), also any scissor table can be delivered for indoor or outdoor use. Any type of scissor table can be delivered in stainless steel or a galvanized version. Because all RAL colors are available for steel lifting tables, we can deliver the same colors for a galvanized version. After galvanizing the scissor table will be powder coated.


A scissor lift is very suitable for these situations:

  • When you need a lot of lifting power with limited travel (lifting height)
  • When you need all the space provided by the platform in order to work properly
  • When there is no construction available to fix your lift: (concrete) wall or steel construction
  • When the costs of a conventional goods lift to be purchased is possible over the budget
  • When there is not enough space to install a conventional goods lift
    (the mast or column takes too much space)

Because a scissor table has the drive under the platform instead of on the side (a mast), the full space of the platform is available. The drive of the table consists of scissors in combination with a hydraulic system. There are also screw or belt driven scissor tables on the market, but the hydraulic system is the most common to be used. The reason for this is that the main advantage of hydraulics can be explained by the fact that these systems deliver high performance in only a short time frame. Hydraulic systems are reliable and often less expensive then other systems.

A scissor table is self-supporting, so there is no need for fixing to a wall or steel construction, the lift will be tightened on the floor or in a pit (with special anchoring). In this way the basics of the installation are already realized. So in case of a limited space one will not lose much needed space on any kind of lift mast. In general, the installation of a scissor lift is easier and in many cases less expensive than a conventional goods lift.

But, scissor tables do have the disadvantage that the lifting height (travel) is limited. (the max. is about 8 meters for a 3-scissor table). Another issue is that scissor tables often need a pit because of the lowest height. For example, a lowest height of 600 mm (a 2-scissor table) is hard to overcome with a ramp, unless there is so much space that a ramp with a length of 5 meters is no problem (angle about 7 degrees). The speed of a scissor lift is lower than the speed of a conventional goods lift. For both types the lift comes down on gravity, any type will come down faster when there is a load on the platform. In order to rise, the hydraulic pump drives the oil through the hydraulic system of the lift. The rising speed of a scissor lift is expressed in seconds (from lowest position to the max. lifting height). In case of a scissor lift the speed depends on the number and type of cilinders in combination with the power of the hydraulic pump. For a conventional goods lift (with a mast) the rising speed is expressed in meters / second (from 0,1 m/sec up to max. 0,3 m/sec).


A scissor table for your company

Whenever it is clear that your choice for a scissor lift is above any other type of lift because of the use or situation Roton Lifts Europe will help you to find the best possible solution. Of course we will follow all rules, regulations and safety standards. We also give you the right advice regarding easy handling and working in an ergonomic way. In this way we provide complete installations with a lot of possible options, like:


  • Handrails and gates including electrical lock powered by (extended) steering
  • Mesh walls and doors including electrical lock powered by (extended) steering
  • A bellow (industrial quality PVC) to protect against squeezing/crushing or a mesh guard           (stainless steel)
  • A roller curtain (industrial quality PVC): for example, the scissor lift is placed in between walls and only the front needs protection (against squeezing/crushing)
  • A tear plate made from aluminum or stainless steel instead of a standard steel tear plate     (steel plate in RAL color of choice)
  • Inspection hatch (when the hydraulic system has a failure and working under the lifting table is not an option)
  • An external hydraulic unit placed inside the building while the scissor lift is placed outside
  • A Switch Amplifier needed for an ATEX environment
  • Extensive steering for more than 2 stops
  • Controls by PLC (junction box will delivered also) and magnetic switches to check the position of the lift.
  • A scissor lift for inside use is standard made from steel and coated in any RAL color you like
  • For outside use or humid environment our scissor lifts can be delivered in stainless steel or a galvanized version (galvanizing with powder coat in RAL is possible)
  • Lift check is not required, this is because our lifts will be delivered with a CE-certificate
  • When desired, a voluntary inspection (lift check) is possible performed by a notified body (Chex, TUV, Liftinstituut)
  • Lifts can be offered with a HACCP standard
  • Warranty by manufacturer for a period of 1 year

All options mentioned above make sure that there is a solution for almost any situation, custom made is not only about the lift itself but also the right advice!


A scissor table provided by Roton Lifts Europe

Roton Lifts Europe does have a huge network of manufacturers in Europe and this makes it possible to adjust fast when it is about:

  • Delivery times (we are capable to deliver and install very fast)
  • Very good quality / price ratio
  • Flexibility regarding sizes, types, options and much more
  • The latest technology to fight corrosion (humid environment, the lift is installed outside)
  • Save on construction costs because a scissor lift is self-supporting and does need any construction (only a floor or a pit)
  • A lift check is not required because of the fact that our scissor tables will be delivered with a CE-certificate (Machinedirective 2006/42/EC)
  • When desired a voluntary check is possible carried out by a Notified Body                        (TUV, Chex, Liftinstituut)
  • When requested our scissor tables will be delivered following HACCP standards
  • 1 year warranty provided by manufacturer of the lift
  • Any RAL color is possible

When it is about knowledge and experience Roton Lifts Europe is the right address to turn to. We will make sure to give you the right attention and advice. In many cases the quality and safety of your lift is the first priority. Because we cooperate with the most important manufacturers in Europe we can offer you different possibilities with different prices to compare.

An unique selling point is that we can deliver fast, this is because we cooperate with manufacturers who do have enough manpower in the factory to build your lift.  Of course we provide all drawings you need (also DWG), together with complete installation. When desired we take care of the maintenance and possible malfunction of your lift.

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