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A scissor table does have a lot of different applications. You could use a scissor table in every professional branch. It could be used in the car industry, in logistics or in the packaging industry. Roton Lifts Europe will help you find the best possible solution.

How to use a scissor table

The scissor table lifts heavy objects. The operation of the scissor table is actually very easy, because normally you can only lift objects or bring objects down. Because the scissor table is pretty simple, it can be deliverd very fast by Roton Lifts Europe. There are a lot of options to expand the scissor table, for example:

  • A roller conveyor
  • A turntable
  • A roller blind
  • Fencing
  • Etc.
scissor table

scissor table

The most important part of the scissor table are the scissors. You can find the scissor at the bottom of the platform. The scissors catch the biggest weight of the construction. In most cases the scissors are placed on the floor, but it is also possible to put them in a pit. The platform is linked to the scissors. The goods or objects are placed on the platform. It is possible to have a bigger platform then the bottom, but it can never be smaller. The platform could be extended with a lot of different options like conveyer belts or turntables.

Scissor table in the car industry

Within the car industry the scissor table is used in showrooms, parking garages or in a private home. With the scissor table you can move the car up and down, or you can show the car in a showroom.

scissor table

scissor table

Scissor table used in logistics

Logistics and a scissor table do have one thing in common: moving goods from A to B. This is why a scissor table could be very useful within logistics. A scissor table could be used to lift goods on a loading platform or to lift goods on a tailgate of a truck. You could also use the scissor table to move goods in a warehouse or to prevent heavy lifting.

Scissor table in the packaging industry

Are you packing products every day? Then a scissor table could be very useful. With a scissor table it’s easy to move the packed products to the desired location and prevent your staff for heavy lifting. Also you can work faster and more efficient when using a scissor table.

A scissor table provided by Roton Lifts Europe

Are you interested in using a scissor table and are you curious about the options in your branch? Roton Lifts Europe will give you the right advice and could offer you a total solution. Every single one of our scissor tables could be extended with different options. This is how the scissor table will fit your wishes and needs. Please contact us or request a quotation.

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